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Metal Mayhem

The Metal Mayhem event is very popular because it gives so much in a very short amount of time. The program is invented by Melanie “Metal” Jones, and combines tough weight lifting and insane crossfit.

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Into The Cage

“Into The Cage” aka “Man vs Beast” is the annual event where athletes wrestles with the strongest animals on the planet. You will be able to “cuddle” with Lions, Tigers, Grizzly Bears, Wild Boar etc. You should not be allergic to animals in case you want to sign up for this event.

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Hell On Earth

Hell On Earth is probably the toughest event we arrange here at The Body Factory. We won’t reveal too many facts about the event as it would probably scare people away. But if you need a “live or die” challenge, this is it!

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Beat The Meat

Again this year we have arranged the “Beat The Meat” event down at the local NY butcher. Locked into a freezer with frozen meat hanging from the hooks, we punch for hours until the meat is soft and tender. We end this event with a nice steak dinner adding some kick ass proteins.

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